Hanover Park Port Hanover — Wine Review

Perhaps one of the best ways to draw an evening to a close is with a glass of Port.  Port Hanover, made by Hanover Park, is one of the few wineries in North Carolina to bottle and sell fortified wines. 

Port Hanover is a delightful addition to the wine selection available at Hanover Park.  The winery itself focuses on Rhone style wines grown on their century farm vineyard.  We will have more reviews of Hanover Park and their wines in future postings.  This one will focus on their delightful after dinner wine, the Port Hanover.  Made from the Chambourcin grapes, this wine has many of the characteristics of Chambourcin.  The wine itself is a deep ruby-red.  The nose is soft and delicate to start, but as you draw the glass in closer, dark fruit notes come to life.  The bouquet is rich with black currant and caramelized sugars.  Taking the first sip, the wine is smooth with a slight hint of smoke.  The dark fruit flavors and low acid profile help to make this a soft sipping wine.  The finish starts with a hint of stewed fruits and then develops into a hearty but clean and warming finale.

If you enjoy Port style wines, this is right up your alley.  We try to keep a bottle of Port Hanover on hand at all time, for when the mood strikes.  This was our last at the moment, so we’ll definitely have to go back and pick up another.

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Posted by Matt Kemberling

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