NC Wine Guys Present: Cork Talk

NC Wine Guys Present Cork Talk
NC Wine Guys Present Cork Talk

We’re excited to announce we are starting a podcast!  Join us as we chat with vineyard owners, winemakers, and other key people in the industry.  Each month will feature a new guest.  As we start off, we’re interested in exploring the unique stories behind each vineyard or winery.  If you like what you hear or if you have any suggestions, please send us your feedback.  Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.  

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  • Working Hard to be Found – Hidden Vineyard
    In this episode, we sit down with Lisa, Tim, Claudia, and Josh from Hidden Vineyard in Dobson, North Carolina! The Hidden Vineyard family moved from Ohio to an area that they visited on many [listen now]
  • Yadkin Valley Tourism
    Welcome to the Yadkin Valley tourism episode! We sit down with Craig Distl and Thomas Salley and talk about all things tourism for the Yadkin Valley in North Carolina. No matter if you’re [listen now]
  • Find Your Passion – Kefi Vineyard & Winery
    In this episode, we sit down with Bess and Alexa Collins of Kefi Vineyard & Winery in Monroe, North Carolina! Bess has always been fan of being outdoors and growing things has been part of her [listen now]
  • Elevating Muscadine Part 2
    We’re back again with Tina Smith and Nadia Hetzel of Cypress Bend Vineyards! Located in Wagram, NC, Cypress Bend is in a unique location in North Carolina where the Muscadine grape grows well [listen now]
  • Elevating Muscadine Part 1
    In this episode, we sit down with Tina Smith and Nadia Hetzel of Cypress Bend Vineyards! Located in Wagram, NC, Cypress Bend is in a unique location in North Carolina where the Muscadine grape grows [listen now]
  • Growing for Future Generations
    In this episode, we sit down with Cynthia and Jim Douthit from Grassy Creek Vineyard and Winery in State Road, North Carolina! Cynthia and Jim are two of the owners of Grassy Creek Vineyard. They [listen now]
  • A Grower’s Favorite Day is Harvest
    In this episode we talk with Wendy and Kelvin Wooten of Moon Lake Vineyards in Olin, North Carolina! Wendy and Kelvin are grape growers in part of the Swan Creek AVA. The Wootens planted their grapes [listen now]
  • Women in the Wine Industry
    We’re honoring women in the wine industry. We take a look back at our earlier episodes and found clips that highlight the importance of women in the industry. We would like to thank all of the [listen now]
  • A picture of the Linville Falls Winery tasting roomMountain Grown & Mountain Made
    In this episode we feature Linville Falls Winery in Linville Falls, NC! We talk to Linda Wiseman and her two daughters, Jessica and Lindsay, about all things that make Linville Falls Winery Mountain [listen now]
  • The flag outside of Haze Gray VineyardsHaze Gray & Underway
    Welcome to Cork Talk Season 3! In this episode, we talk with Deane and Becky Muhlenberg of Haze Gray Vineyards in Dobson, North Carolina. Deane and Becky have a long history of military service, and [listen now]
  • A picture of the welcome sign at the Shelton Badgett NC Center for Viticulture & Enology.Exploring Viticulture Enology
    In this episode we interview David Bower of the Shelton Badgett NC Center for Viticulture and Enology at Surry Community College! David holds the position of Winemaker and Enology Instructor at the [listen now]
  • Grapes after sorting with the unripe berries and twigs in the left and ripe berries on the right.A Pretty Hill in Polk County
    This episode features Sofia Lilly of Overmountain Vineyards in Tryon, North Carolina! We visited Sofia at the vineyard on a sunny day in October. Their extensive patio and spread out seating allowed [listen now]
  • A picture of the Round Peak Vineyards logo on the tasting room at the winery.Relaxing, Casual, and Fun
    In this episode, we sit down with Ken Gulaian and Kari Heerdt of Round Peak Vineyards in Mt Airy, North Carolina! Ken and Kari moved to North Carolina in 2008. Before landing in North Carolina, they [listen now]
  • Shruthi Doopathi and Jeff FrisbeePreserving the Family Farm
    In this episode, we interview Shruthi Dhoopati and Jeff Frisbee of Addison Farms Vineyards in Leicester, NC. Jeff tells us about the history of the vineyard and how it started out as farmland for his [listen now]
  • The Grape Pack superimposed on muscadine vines.The Grape Pack
    We’re celebrating North Carolina Grape Month with a special episode featuring two grape experts. We interview Dr. Sara Spayd and Dr Mark Hoffman of North Carolina State University (Go Pack!). [listen now]
  • a collage of outside pictures of Zimmerman Vineyard with the Great Wines No Myth tag line superimposed.Great Wines No Myth
    This episode takes us to Trinity, North Carolina where we recorded with Leslie Zimmerman and Christie Otranto of Zimmerman Vineyards! The vineyard and tasting room sit on a portion of the 140 acre [listen now]
  • Cork Talk Featuring Grove WineryA Haw River Hot Spot
    In this episode, we interview Max Lloyd of Grove Winery in Gibsonville, NC. Max originally started a vineyard up in Virginia back in 1995. His family has been growing gapes and making wine for [listen now]
  • Cork Talk Featuring Shelton VineyardsGiving Back to the Community
    In this episode, we’re featuring Shelton Vineyards! Mandy Houser, Chip Shelton, and Ethan Brown join us in our second virtual recording episode. Mandy and Chip take us back to the early [listen now]
  • Give it a Try: Dover Vineyards
    This episode features Elizabeth Anne Dover of Dover Vineyards! We took a slightly different approach to recording this episode as we’re still observing social distancing. Elizabeth Anne talks [listen now]
  • Learning from Nature: Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery
    This episode features Pat and Clyde Colwell of Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery! Pat and Clyde both ended up in North Carolina for work. When they met they soon started looking for land for a [listen now]
  • Following in the Footsteps of the Rhone
    This episode features Michael Zimmerman of Junius Lindsay Vineyards!  We talk with Michael about why he’s growing grapes and how he first conceived of the idea.  As he tells it, he has a love [listen now]
  • Wine & Cider: Family Style
    This episode features Sean and Patricia McRitchie of McRitchie Winery & Ciderworks! This family business has deep roots in the wine industry on the west coast. After settling in North Carolina, [listen now]
  • A Special Place Where Dreams Come True
    This episode features the team from Elkin Creek Vineyard in Elkin, North Carolina!  We met up with Louis and Carrie Jeroslow and Jennifer and Nick White one evening.  In our discussion we listened as [listen now]
  • Mead Making Starrs
    This episode features Ben and Becky Starr of Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro, NC! Ben and Becky caught the mead making bug after falling in love with it at a Renaissance faire. For the past 8 years, Ben [listen now]
  • Wright Wine Sanctuary
    In this episode we sit down with John Wright of Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg, NC.  Growing grapes on the coast may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Currituck and the [listen now]
  • All You Mead is Love
    In this episode, we sit down with Diane Currier of Honeygirl Meadery in Durham, NC!  Diane was turned on to mead making in her early days as a home brewer.  She talks about her surreal experience of [listen now]
  • NC Wine Goes Urban
    This conversation takes us to plēb Urban Winery in Asheville, NC to celebrate their 1st anniversary party!  Learn about what it means to truly be an urban winery and make wine more accessible to the [listen now]
  • Cork Talk Featuring Shadow Springs Vineyard & Windsor Run CellarsFrom the Board Room & Classroom to the Farm
    This episode features Chuck and Jamey Johnson of Shadow Springs Vineyard and Windsor Run Cellars.  We discuss how the they traded in the 8 to 5 corporate job for something they’re more [listen now]
  • Cork Talk Featuring Banner Elk WineryWine, Sangria, and S’mores!
    Bonus Episode!  Banner Elk Winery & Villa is a mainstay of the High Country of North Carolina.  No matter the season, this winery is always a popular destination.  The wines are delicious, the [listen now]
  • Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do
    Laurel Gray Vineyards is located in the Swan Creek AVA, part of the Yadkin Vally in North Carolina.  Listen to the story of Kim and Benny Myers about how they transform Benny’s family farm into [listen now]
  • From Shine, to Milk, to Wine
    We sit with Charles and Ann Edwards of Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyards on a warm spring evening.  Listen as they tell us how a family farm transitioned from moonshine to dairy, and is now producing [listen now]
  • Cork Talk with Raffaldini Vineyards
    This episode we chat with Jay Raffaldini from Raffaldini Vineyards. We discuss how Jay discovered his property and has put a lot of effort into bringing a bit of Chianti to North Carolina. Jay wants [listen now]
  • Cork Talk at the 2019 #NCWine Blogger Summit
    As a special treat, we bring you the panel discussion from the 2019 #NCWine Blogger Summit held on March 25th, 2019. On the panel we interviewed four winemakers about some of the challenges of making [listen now]
  • NC Wine Guys sit down with Silver Fork for Cork TalkCork Talk with Silver Fork Vineyard & Winery
    Episode 4 takes us to Silver Fork Winery & Vineyards. We sit with owners Jennifer and Ed talking about their love of wine and how they are making Silver Fork part of their authentic lifestyle. [listen now]
  • Cork Talk with Piccione Vineyards
    Our third episode of Cork Talk brings us to Piccione Vineyards. We chat with Bill and Hailey about why Bill decided to start a vineyard here in North Carolina, how he caught the wine bug, and how [listen now]
  • Hanover Park Vineyard
    Episode two finds us sitting down with Michael and Amy Helton of Hanover Park Vineyard. Michael and Amy truly are pioneers in the North Carolina wine industry having planted the first vineyard in [listen now]
  • Jones von Drehle
    Join us for our first episode! We sit down with Diana & Chuck from Jones von Drehle Vineyards. Diana and Chuck discuss how they discovered a prime vineyard location in Thurmond, North Carolina. [listen now]
  • NC Wine Guys Present Cork TalkCork Talk Kicks Off
    We’re excited to announce that we’re starting a podcast!  We’re calling it Cork Talk.  We’ll be meeting with important people in the wine industry starting with our [listen now]

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