Spotted Lanternfly: A Vineyard Threat

This is a special episode of Cork Talk. We sit down with Amy Michael Theuret, the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Coordinator from the North Carolina State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to talk about a very important topic. The Spotted Lanternfly.

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive species of leafhoppers that feed on several important plants and crops including grapes. These pests latch on to the trunks of the grapevine and interrupt grape ripening and fruit development. The bug has a presence in the mid-Atlantic and was first sighted here in North Carolina in June of 2022. If you think you’ve seen a Spotted Lanternfly, head to This website give you key information about the bug as well as ways you can report your sighting.

If you’re listening in August or September, there’s a very real chance that you’ll might see these bugs in action. At this time of year, the Spotted Lanternfly is engaged in a mating swarm which is a period of high activity. Bugs can be seen swarming in the air and will be very noticeable. Amy tells us about the proactive measure the state is taking to help to control this pest and improve public awareness.

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