Who are we?

Joe Brock and Matt Kemberling: NC Wine Guys
Joe & Matt

Who are the NC Wine Guys?

Two guys who love NC wine, mead, cider, local breweries, farm to fork, and all things local. We live in the Charlotte area of North Carolina and have fallen in love with the local wineries. Now I know what you're thinking, the only wines in the south come in either red or white and both are sweet. Well, you'd only be partially correct. North Carolina is actually home to the Yadkin Valley AVA. Some have said that the Yadkin Valley is the Napa of the east coast. We have actually had a 1999 Cabernet from the Yadkin Valley that could easily give any California Cabernet a run for its money.

What we do

At our last count, North Carolina has over 120 wineries. We have visited nearly all of them (125 accounting for wineries that have closed) with less than a handful left to visit. Throughout these pages, you'll find resources about the various North Carolina wineries as well as our daily wine picks. We don't strictly drink NC wines, though. You'll often find us enjoying a New York Riesling or Gewurtztraminer, a delicate New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or French Rosé.

A Little More About Us

We started our NC winery tour in January 2013 when we took our good friend Susan out to visit some wineries for her birthday (we call this yearly celebration "Shaft-fest" more on the name in a future post). Since then, we have been visited at least one winery a weekend. Although in our early tour days, it wasn't uncommon for us to hit several in one weekend.

We started by visiting wineries that were relatively close by (within 4 hours of the house). Fast forward to a year and a half later and we're left with wineries that require a special trip to visit.

We hope you find these pages useful. If you have suggestions or comments, please feel free to let us know. We're excited to share out experiences with others and look forward to future journies! 

Media Kit

Interested in learning more about us?  Download our media kit for more info!

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Debby Halpern

Hey wine guys – Can we talk? I hope that you have spent some time with my site at ncwinegifts.com. We have a lot in common – all about promoting NC wine, NC wine country and Drink Local. Let’s work together. Cheers, Debby

Debby Halpern

Still want to talk with you! Please call me. My phone number is on my web site.

Douglas Sanders

Please give me a call at your earliest convenience… Douglas from Adagio 336-258-2333…Thanks!

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