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Hi!  We're the NC Wine Guys. We are two guys who love North Carolina Wine, Mead, Cider, and all things local.  Our home base is just north of Charlotte which gives us easy access to most NC Wineries and Vineyards within a 2-hour drive.

Our journey started in 2013 when we visited a few wineries as part of a birthday celebration. Our early days were focused on visiting as many wineries as we could. We started our blog back in 2014 as a way to keep up with our winery and vineyard travels.   We shifted focus early on to promote those business that were producing wines from grapes (and other fermentables) grown right here in our state.

As we continued to explore all that the state has to offer, we continued to build our network of fellow bloggers and industry professionals.  We currently focus on promoting the online presence of the North Carolina Wine Industry by connecting bloggers with people in the industry and by helping to improve the social media presence of business in the industry across the state.

Here on ncwineguys.com, you'll find content that's tailored to help you discover local wine and explore what's out there for yourself.   It doesn't matter if you're new to the state or if you're a seasoned expert, you're sure to find old favorites and discover new places to add to your list.

Joe Brock and Matt Kemberling: NC Wine Guys


Joe Brock & Matt Kemberling

Current Projects

Being part of the wine industry, you find that the only constant in your life is change.  We like to keep things fresh on our site, so we will come up with different projects that we like to feature.  Here is what's currently on our tasting menu:

In The Wine Light

In an effort to provide more content to our readers, we’re introducing a new regular feature to our website called “In the Wine Light”. The aim is to provide regular wine related content in short posts.

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Cork Talk

Our monthly podcast where we explore the world of local wine.  Here, you'll find interviews with local wineries, vineyards, and industry professionals as they tell their story.

Listen Now

Accomplishments & Awards

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to participate in many different events.  Here is a brief listing of what we've done so far.


Wine Judging

NC State Fair Wine Competition: 2017, 2018

Speaking Events

NC Wine Growers Annual Conference: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022

Event Organizers

NC Wine Digital Media Summit: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


Gravity Magazine: 2015, 2016

Our State Magazine: 2020


Surry Wineries Award of Appreciation

Media Kit

Interested in learning more about us?  Download our media kit for more info!

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Drink Local!

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Debby Halpern

Hey wine guys – Can we talk? I hope that you have spent some time with my site at ncwinegifts.com. We have a lot in common – all about promoting NC wine, NC wine country and Drink Local. Let’s work together. Cheers, Debby

Debby Halpern

Still want to talk with you! Please call me. My phone number is on my web site.

Douglas Sanders

Please give me a call at your earliest convenience… Douglas from Adagio 336-258-2333…Thanks!

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