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National Rosé Day 2022

In the Wine Light is National Rosé Day.  This wine holiday was established in 2014 by Bodvár House of Rosés as way to celebrate everyone’s favorite pink drink.  National Rosé Day is celebrated annually on the Second Saturday of June.  In 2022, that’s Saturday, June 11th.

Rosé is made in three ways:

  • Maceration – The skins of red grapes (usually picked early for higher acidity) are left to macerate in the juice for hours to a couple of days.
  • Saignée – This is the bleed off method. Saignée is the past participle of the French verb saigner meaning to bleed.  Here within the first few hours of making red wine, some of the juice is bled off into another tank for rosé.  Not only does this produce rosé, but it intensifies the resulting red wine too.
  • Blending – A bit of red wine is added to a tank (or some other container) of white wine to make rosé.  Generally less than 5% of the resulting rosé will have come from red wine.

Rosé is one of the most versatile wine styles when it comes to pairing with food.  It will go with almost any food from cheeses to salads to Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s the perfect wine to bring to a party if you don’t know what’s being served.

We’re big fans of rosés particularly those made from the maceration method.  Do you have a favorite rosé?

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