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Here you'll find our reviews and write-ups of wineries, vineyards, and wines. We've organized it by wine regions within the state as well as including a section for our thoughts on wine.  

Reviews from Other Sources

Here's a list of other places you can find great content about North Carolina wines and the craft beverage industry:

Gravity Magazine – Charlotte’s own Gravity Magazine is a new publication that is dedicated to the craft beverage scene. In Charlotte that generally means beer, but inside you'll also find articles on spirits, cider, wine, and more!

Tarheel Taps and Corks – A Raleigh based blog who loves local food, beer, and wine. Lots of research goes into each posting with interviews and commentary from local industry leaders throughout.

The Wine Mouths - Jessica and Jessica share a passion for wine education!

Triangle Around Town - Jen and Dathan travel the Triangle and the State bringing information about craft beverages.

Wine Carolinas - Jennifer and Bob travel North and South Carolina looking for wine adventures.

North Carolina Wineries - Murray, Debra and friends are on a quest to visit every single winery in North Carolina.

Drink What You Like - Frank blogs about wines from all over the world and hosts the monthly East Coast Wine Chat (formerly #VAWineChat).

NC Beer Guys - The NC Beer Guys are our counterpart in the wide world of NC Beer. Carolina Glenn and Dave travel the state, sampling boat loads of beer while also keeping an up to date list of NC breweries and events.

Craft Carolina - A great site to discover other great craft beverages across the state. Craft Carolina focuses on NC Beer and NC Spirits.

NC Food & Beverage Podcast - NC F&B is hosted by two hospitality industry veterans and they discuss all aspects about the North Carolina food and beverage scene.

For industry resources and links to official regional pages, visit our Industry Resources page.

Do you have a wine that you'd like us to review? We would love to! Head over to our Wine Review and Guides request page for more details.