A picture of the Round Peak Vineyards logo on the tasting room at the winery.

Relaxing, Casual, and Fun

In this episode, we sit down with Ken Gulaian and Kari Heerdt of Round Peak Vineyards in Mt Airy, North Carolina! Ken and Kari moved to North Carolina in 2008. Before landing in North Carolina, they lived in California which is where they fell in love with wineries and vineyards in some of California’s most well known regions.

They purchased Round Peak Vineyards shortly after moving. They continued maintain the existing vineyard which focuses on French and Italian varietals. Soon after opening, they noticed an opportunity to release a second line of wines, and Skull Camp was born. This quickly branched out into a brewery and smokehouse restaurant.

As a result, they offer a very well rounded profile sure to meet the palate of any customer. No matter what location you visit, you’re sure to find that each establishment embraces the feeling of being relaxing, casual, and fun.

Wine Class with the Wine Mouths is back! This time Jesse and Jessica talk to us about some of the things that are added to wine to improve the quality and make it ready for drinking. For more information about the Wine Mouths, head to https://www.winemouths.com/ or find them on Facebook and Instagram @Winemouths. The Wine Mouths theme was written and performed by Joshua Morris. You can find him at twitter.com/joshtimejosh

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This episode was made possible in part by a grant from the North Carolina Wine and Grape Council. For more information, please visit https://www.ncwine.org/

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