Cork Talk with Raffaldini Vineyards

This episode we chat with Jay Raffaldini from Raffaldini Vineyards. We discuss how Jay discovered his property and has put a lot of effort into bringing a bit of Chianti to North Carolina. Jay wants his visitors to relax and enjoy what he calls the exhale moment because as he says, “Life is meant to be slow.”

Posted by Matt Kemberling


Thomas Salley

Hi NC Wine Guys, Thanks for allowing us to be on Cork Talk! We appreciate everything that you do and creating engaging content for the NC Wine Industry. We are grateful for your support. – T on behalf of Raffaldini Vineyards

Matt Kemberling

You’re most welcome! We enjoyed having Jay on the podcast, it was a blast!

Jay is the best! Very knowledgeable in all aspects of vino!

Matt Kemberling

Glad you enjoyed! If you were listening on a podcast app, be sure to leave us a rating and a review!

Scott Barone

Great Podcast, awesome to be part of the journey and the Destination. Scott Barone – Castello Barone Vineyards and Winery soon to come.

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