the Marked Tree logo is a depiction of a sapling that has been bent at a 90 degree angle to point in a certain direction.

Enjoy Your Path – Marked Tree Vineyard

This episode features Tim Parks and Lance Hiatt of Marked Tree Vineyard in Hendersonville, NC! We visited the vineyard in the early fall (a perfect time of year) and recorded this conversation with Tim and Lance. Their love of wine started when Lance visited Chablis many years ago. Together, the pair visited many wine regions across the globe. It was the east coast wineries that really made them consider running a vineyard as an option.

The story behind the Marked Tree is that Native Americans would use a bent tree to mark a path. These Marked Trees would guide you along a path to different destinations, depending on the type of tree they used. At Marked Tree Vineyards, Tim and Lance encourage you to relax and enjoy the path you’re on.

Wine Class with the Wine Mouths is back. This time they talk to us about Syrah. For more information about the Wine Mouths, head to or find them on Facebook and Instagram @Winemouths. The Wine Mouths theme was written and performed by Joshua Morris. You can find him at

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