Jones von Drehle

Join us for our first episode! We sit down with Diana & Chuck from Jones von Drehle Vineyards. Diana and Chuck discuss how they discovered a prime vineyard location in Thurmond, North Carolina. Learn how they work hard to socialize their brand and expand into restaurants and wine stores across the state. We talk about wine club events, driving more than 1 million miles in the pursuit of wine, and the future holds for Jones von Drehle and North Carolina Wine.

Posted by Matt Kemberling


Grant Crandall

A fine first podcast. Jones von Drehle consistently produces great wines so it was appropriate to start with them. It was good to get their background and the effort it takes to make truly fine wines. Thanks for starting these important podcasts.

Matt Kemberling

Glad you enjoyed and thanks for listening! We’re getting ready to record two more episodes this weekend, so keep an eye on social media and your podcast app!

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