Baker Chardonnay — Wine Review

Tonight we revisited one of our favorites; the Baker Chardonnay from Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard. We were visiting friends out, so we packed our standby bottle as we knew it would be a crowd pleaser.

The particular bottle we had ready was the 2012 Barrel Aged Baker Chardonnay. Now, in the past we had our doubts that the 2012 would stand up to the glory that was the 2011. In previous months, we had to open the bottle and decant it for a bit. Tonight we were pleased to find that the wine was fantastic right after opening.

The wine had developed into a delightful golden yellow hue, clear and bright. The nose has a light buttered popcorn note with hints of oak and light apple. The initial flavors are apple and a hint of grape and then moves into an oak and butter mid-palate. The finish is long and delicate, but is notable and pleasing.

We are definitely pleased that our favorite Chardonnay is still holding just as strong in the current vintage as it was in the 2011. The next time we visit, we will definitely be picking up a few more bottles.

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Posted by Matt Kemberling

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