September in Review: NC Wine and Grape Month

We’re now well into October, so I thought it would be good to recap our September experiences with a quick month in review.  The mini challenge we set for the blog has concluded successfully: Review 30 wines (or wineries) in the 30 days of September. NC Wine Month is a time where the wineries and vineyards in the state are recognized for their contributions.  Our goal was to feature a wine or winery each day and write-up a little review of the selection we made.  In total we reviewed 28 North Carolina Wines and 8 North Carolina Wineries.  For a full account of our challenge, click on the NC Wine Month link in the menu above. 

A word cloud of the most frequently used words in the NC Wine Month Challenge.

A word cloud of the most often used words in the NC Wine Month Challenge.

It seems like the month of September flew right by.  We went back to our books to look over the wines we reviews. The tally stands at 10 reviews for red wines, 14 reviews for white wines, 2 reviews for rosé, and 2 reviews for dessert wines. Of the total wines, Cabernet Franc was the most popular of the red selections while Viognier and Chardonnay tied for the whites.


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The wineries we reviewed were each unique in their own charming ways.  The High Country Wineries offered a breathtaking view of the mountains in a quaint setting.  The Western North Carolina trail was just as serene and provided a much-needed getaway.

We initially took on this challenge to give us a jump-start to our early beginnings and give us direction on where we wanted to take this blog.  We are looking forward to reviewing more wines, wineries and anything else that we come across.  We have an upcoming trip to the Finger Lakes Wine Region of New York, so I’m sure we’ll have something good to report back.  Until then, Cheers!


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Update: Originally this article referenced September as being the official month to celebrate North Carolina Wine. in 2020, the state officially changed it so that NC Wine Month is celebrated in May!

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