Parker Binns Rosé — Wine Review

A couple of weekends ago we visited a few of the wineries in the Western North Carolina Wine Trail.  Among those wineries is Parker Binns.  We’ve reviewed the winery before, but tonight we are going to focus on our dinner accompaniment, the Parker Binns Rosé of Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Parker Binns Rosé

This rosé is exceptionally pale.  The color is almost that of a dried pink rose petal with a shimmering accent when it catches the light.  The nose is very floral with hints of rose interlaced with honeysuckle and pear.  The flavor is bright with a delightfully acidic beginning, then it moves into a delicate and complex mid-palate.  The complex profile lends itself to Merlot being slightly  fruity and slightly tannic.  The smooth mineral finish is long and lingering and leaves the mouth with a clean taste.

Parker Binns Vineyard doesn’t offer online ordering at this time.  We highly recommend that you make a trip out there and pick up a few bottles for yourself.  (While you’re out there, you should visit the other wineries in the area, too.)  Parker Binns is located in Mill Spring, North Carolina.

Update: After reviewing our notes more closely, we think the rosé that we had is 100% Merlot and didn’t have any Cabernet Franc in it

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