In The Wine Light – North Carolina Grape Month 2021

August is North Carolina Grape Month. Celebrate everything you love about locally grown grapes in the Tar Heel State!
NC Muscadine Grapes and Wine
NC Muscadine Grapes and Wine

In the Wine Light we celebrate North Carolina Grape Month!  Back in August for second year, NC Grape Month 2021 is a great time to visit vineyards across the state whether that be to scope out you pick opportunities or taste wines from locally grown grapes.

Whatever way you want to celebrate, we encourage you to do so safely.  Take your masks.  Wash your hands.  Keep your distance, but ENJOY!  

And don’t forget to share your fun on social media.  Use the hashtag #NCGrapeMonth.  

Grapes ripening at Jones von Drehle Vineyards & Winery in Thurmond, NC

If you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate NC Grape Month, we have some suggestions:

  • Plan a trip for “you pick” grapes. Some vineyards may be open for you pick in the month of August with more opening in September.
  • Sign up to volunteer to help harvest grapes later in August, September, and October. Many local vineyards rely on volunteers to bring in their harvest. Check social media at your favorite vineyard for opportunities to help!
  • Attend a class on Backyard Muscadine Production. Hosted by Chuck Blethen of Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard, you find out all about caring for those backyard muscadines. You can register here.
  • Visit a local tasting room. Go for a tasting or an afternoon picnic or both! Visit to plan your trip! Celebrate locally grown grapes with a wine made from them!
  • Buy local grapes! They should start showing up at your local farmers market during August.
Muscadine grape hulls being cooked down for Grape Hull Pie
  • Make a grape hull pie! You can find some recipes here.
  • Drink local wine! Celebrate with your favorite bottle of North Carolina wine. Dry, sweet, red, white or rosé, there’s something for everyone out there and most are made with locally grown grapes
  • Talk about NC Grapes on social media! Be sure to use the hashtag #NCGrapeMonth! Let’s get it trending!
  • Follow us! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just search for @NCWineGuys. We’ll give you tips on where to go and what to drink!
Join us for the 4th annual summit!
  • Attend the 2021 #NCWine Digital Media Summit. This year’s summit is again virtual, and it kicks off on August 8th. You can find out more here.
  • Catch up on Cork Talk!  We’re well into season 3 of Cork Talk, our podcast all about the local wine scene in North Carolina.  Subscribe and enjoy every episode.  Find Cork Talk at our website or wherever you get your podcasts. Not only do we talk about wine, but we talk about grapes too!
  • Join our Facebook group!  We’ve started a Facebook group to support the local wine and grape industry.  Search for Support Local North Carolina Wine – #NCWine to join

Let us know if you have other ideas!  Cheers!

Posted by Joe Brock

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