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Cellar 4201 Warrior Red — Wine Review

Rain, rain go away!  But at least it makes the choice of red, white or rosé easier.  Tonight we went for the Warrior Red from Cellar 4201 Vineyard.  This red doesn’t disappoint.  It’s a full-bodied red, but it’s not over the top.  The well-balanced nature makes it perfect to pair with food or to enjoy on its own.   Continue reading →

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Laurel Gray Cabernet Franc — Wine Review

It’s cold and raining again today!  That means we get to open a bottle of red wine and enjoy a nice warming dinner.  Tonight we decided on the award-winning Laurel Gray Cabernet Franc from Laurel Gray Vineyards.  This wine received double gold at the NC State Wine Competition and a bronze at the INDY International Wine Competition.

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Medaloni Cellars — Winery Review

Medaloni Cellars is a small winery on Shallowford Rd in Lewisville, NC.  The winery is just outside of Winston-Salem and makes for a nice detour when you’re on the road.  Medaloni has around 22 acres of land which is positioned on a very hilly plot, perfect for growing grapes.  The wine trail offers visitors a chance to walk around the property and takes you through the vineyard and past some of the cabins they offer for rent.  The business concept at Medaloni is simple, offer great quality wine in a relaxed atmosphere.  Continue reading →

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Carolina Heritage Blueberry Wine — Wine Review

Ten more days left in our September wine month challenge!  Today we took a slightly different approach to our wine.  Usually we pair our wines with dinner and go from there.  However, we will be eating out this evening to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we were unsure if the restaurant offers North Carolina Wines.  To make sure we have our wine of the day covered, we decided to have a small glass of the Carolina Heritage Blueberry Wine from Carolina Heritage Vineyards to help pass the afternoon.   Continue reading →

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Stony Knoll Viognier — Wine Review

Arrrgh, it is Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Although we should have celebrated with rum, we wanted to keep our NC Wine streak going.  This evening we decided to keep it in the Yadkin Valley and went for the Stony Knoll Viognier from Stony Knoll Vineyards.  This light white wine was a welcome addition to our grilled shrimp dinner.

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Huffman Fire Side Red — Wine Review

The weather today was horribly uncooperative with major thunderstorms and heavy showers for most of the late afternoon and evening. The solution to bad weather: red wine.  Instead of going for a lighter more delicate white, we decided to open a nice red and cook inside (we really didn’t have much choice in the cooking arrangement as grilling was out of the question).  Tonight’s wine is the Huffman Fire Side Red from Huffman Vineyards in Richlands, North Carolina.   Continue reading →

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Olde Mill Silver Pines — Wine Review

We’re half way through the month; 15 days down, 15 more to go! To celebrate our half way marker (and to go with dinner) we opened up a bottle of the Olde Mill Silver Pines white wine.  This white wine is mostly a Pinot Gris, so we decided to pair it with a stuffed pork chop and roasted potatoes.  The flavors balanced nicely off each other and made for a nice light meal. Continue reading →

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