Shelton Dry Riesling — Wine Review

To kick off the NC Wine and Grape month, we decided to start with the Shelton Dry Riesling from Shelton Vineyards.  This full bodied white displays characteristics that are typical of a cool-climate Riesling without having to venture to the colder regions of the country.  Shelton really took their time with this wine to make it true to the Riesling style.  This wine is right in the middle of the spectrum of Rieslings; it’s not overly steely or acidic, and it’s definitely not a sweet Riesling (it rests somewhere on the QbA to Spätlese range on the Riesling Ripeness scale). This wine belongs to the 2-5-9 label signifying that these are a notch above the rest and usually are limited release.  One of the most recent awards this wine received was a bronze medal at the 2014 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

The wine itself is crisp and clear with a light straw color.  The delicate nose is lightly floral and shows hints of lemon zest.  The first sip lends itself to tart green apples and a subtle apricot flavor.  Letting the wine linger in the mouth exposes the rich mineral nature, with a nice lingering clean finish.  It takes well to most foods as well, but it would greatly compliment a spicy Thai dish or a grilled fish.

You can pick up a bottle of the Shelton Dry Riesling on their web site or plan a visit to the winery in Dobson, NC.

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