Chatham Hill Cabernet Franc — Wine Review

Tonight’s feature is another Yadkin Valley selection; the 2009 Chatham Hill Cabernet Franc from Chatham Hill Winery. This dark red wine is rich with dark fruit flavors and a nice balance of tannins and smoke.  We decided to pair it with a barbecue pork chop, baked sweet potato and corn on the cob.  The dark flavors of the wine really complimented the charred sweetness of the pork.

Chatham Hill Cabernet Franc

A bottle of the 2009 Chatham Hill Cabernet Franc

The wine starts out with a fruit forward nose and a slight hint of alcohol (the alcohol scent goes away with a little time to breathe).  Behind the dark cherry and light strawberry aroma lies the slightest bit of tar and dark coffee.  The cherry doesn’t hide in the flavor either.  The first sips are loaded cherries, which fades slowly into a leathery tobacco mid-palate.  More leather to follow as the flavors slowly disappear off the tongue.  The end result is a lingering finish that is very pleasant and isn’t in a hurry.   I mentioned we paired it with barbecue, but this wine would also hold up to a roasted chicken, chili or even a nice duck.

Sadly, the 2009 isn’t listed on the Chatham Hill wine listing, but they do have the 2010.  I would imagine that it is fairly similar, but could use another year to gain the darker qualities of the ’09.


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