White Wines from Native Vines and Adagio Vineyards — Wine Review

Sundays are a special day in our house.  Not only is it the end of the weekend, but it’s also a day where our good friend Susan can join us in our wine adventures.  After a quick trip to the local winery nearby, we came back to enjoy a nice dinner out on the patio accompanied by two delicious North Carolina wines; the Native Vines Sauvignon Blanc and the Adagio Vivace. 

Native Vines Sauvignon Blanc

The menu for the evening consisted of grilled shrimp with a sweet chili sauce, green beans, and a mixed brown rice blend.  So we decided to open a bottle of the Native Vines Sauvignon Blanc to start with.  The rich tropical flavors and peach notes were delicious and presented very distinct floral notes.  This is more of a complex Sauvignon Blanc and clashed a bit with the food, so we saved the rest of the bottle for later and decided to move on to another wine.

Adagio Vivace

Our second bottle was the Vivace from Adagio Vineyards.  This white blend is predominately Traminette with smaller amounts of Chardonnay, Petit Manseng and Muscat.  The Traminette really showed through on this wine from the floral notes on the bouquet to the spicy front notes on the tongue.  The Petit Manseng and Muscat really helped to balance out the sweetness with a bit of bright acidity and rounded out the wine nicely.  The wine paired nicely with the sweet and spicy shrimp and complemented the evening.

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