Misty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon — Wine Review

On a Friday night, one of the first priorities is to relax after a long week of work.  Among other things, that means a bottle of wine that is familiar, reliable and oh so good.  To fulfill all requirements of a relaxing Friday night, we decided to invite over a few friends, make some black bean and sweet potato quesadillas, and we opened a bottle of the 2006 Misty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.

Some might think that an east coast wine from 2006 might be past its prime.  They would be greatly mistaken.  At 8 years old, this wine is still holding strong with at least a few years ahead of it.  The wine itself is ruby-red and clear as can be, still remarkably bright for its age.  The nose has a lot of sweet spices, cloves, and nutmeg.  After taking a while to really get to know it, the bouquet turns into light red fruits, full of currants and raspberries.  Every sip of this wine is smooth, from the first to the last.  The first sip carries across the fruit flavors that were present in the nose.  The soft tannins make the wine feel nice and even in the mouth.  The finish is nice and clean, but ends with a slight spice note.

We will be covering more about Misty Creek, both the winery and the wines they offer.  If you’re interested in purchasing a bottle of the Misty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, you’ll have to either visit the winery or make a purchase on their website here.

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