Weathervane Ionosphere — Wine Review

Although things were a little rushed today, we were still able to unwind this evening with a delightful wine from Weathervane Winery. Weathervane offers an ample selection of the sweeter wines as well as vinifera. Their wines have a large following and for good reason. Their motto is “wines without the attitude” and they hold true to that image.  Tonight we enjoyed the Weathervane Ionosphere.

The Weathervane Ionosphere is their take on a Pinot Grigio and a bit on the drier side. When we first poured it into the decanter, I immediately noticed it had a hue of a deep golden straw. The bottle didn’t show a year, but I believe this wine is just about right for consuming now (we purchased our bottle in the spring), definitely not one for the cellar. The nose is subtle and delicate laced with apple and melon. The apple continues into the first sip, but it soon falls away to a rich and supple flavor hard to define, yet pleasant and full of mineral notes. The wine finishes with the apple notes yet again, but is nicely balanced with mild acids.

For more information about Weathervane Winery’s current selections, be sure to visit their website.

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Posted by Matt Kemberling

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