Festivus 2020

In the Wine Light – Festivus 2020 – Airing of Wine Grievances!

In the Wine Light – Festivus 2020 – Airing of Wine Grievances!

In the Wine Light today, December 23, 2020, is the celebration of Festivus.  Created in 1966 by Daniel O’Keefe and popularized during an episode of the hit TV show, Seinfeld, Festivus is celebrated with Feats of Strength and the Airing of Grievances.  So, in that spirit, we’re back for the fourth year to air a few wine grievances.  This is our one post a year that’s not entirely positive.  Many of these grievances are the same as last year, but there are a few new ones and some updates.  So, sit back.  Pour a glass and read on!

These are in no particular order:

COVID-19 Meme

  • COVID-19.  Ok, so there is an order at least for #1.  COVID-19 is at the top of our list.  While, thankfully we’re well.  Our families are well.  COVID has seriously cramped our style.  It’s kept us in and kept our wine tasting to a minimum.  And we’re certainly sad for those who have lost loved ones, jobs, and more due to the pandemic.  Here’s hoping COVID doesn’t make the list in 2021.

Wear a Mask

  • Folks who carrying on in 2020 like the pandemic doesn’t exist.  We’ve kept a lower profile in 2020, so our visits to wineries and vineyards have been less than usual.  When we have visited, a number of the visits have been safe and socially distanced.  Folks were wearing masks and staying away from others, but there have been a few occasions where masks were few and far between and personal space was not respected.  Just be mindful of others when you’re out.  And be respectful.  And wear a mask when you’re not eating or drinking!

  • Lack of hashtags in posts on social media about wines, wineries, vineyards.  You see we’re big proponents of hashtags as a way to brand.  So, all you #NCWine folks out there, USE THE DANG HASHTAG!
  • Too many hashtags or using hashtags that don’t apply.  This still gets on our nerves.  You don’t need 14 million hashtags on your post especially if they’re hashtags no one else uses.  And just because you’re drinking wine in a given region, that doesn’t make it a regional wine.  So, don’t post about the Apothic Red you’re drinking in Charlotte and call it #NCWine.  Wine is about a sense of place.  Apothic Red’s place is not in your wine glass.

  • Poor tasting glasses.  We’re still glass snobs.  Please no glasses with the “lip” around the rim.  These just don’t show wines well.  Upgrade the glass and the experience!

Just say no to stemless wine glasses

  • Stemless glasses.  Some people love them.  We hate them.  You’re constantly hold your glass by the bowl and then warming the wine with your hand which can then affect the taste.  Stick with a stemmed glass which brings us to our next grievance.

The Incorrect & Correct Way to Hold a Wine Glass

  • Holding a wine glass improperly.  You should hold the glass by the stem.  We did a whole blog post about it.

  • Too many wines on the list.  We see this all the time.  Wines lists with 10, 15 or even 20 wines.  We feel this is just too many to be able to focus on quality unless you have a large production staff.  So, scale it back.  You don’t need a new wine for every season.
  • “Fruited” wines.  We’re still wondering why do we need pomegranate, green apple, cranberry, cherry, pineapple and umpteen other fruits added to our perfectly fruity grape wines?  Wine grapes produce wines with an abundance of fruit flavors. Let the grapes speak for themselves.  And if you want a fruit wine, then just make it from fruit.

  • Wine slushies.  Seriously, why is this still a thing?  Ok, maybe in the summer then it’s 95 degrees and 10,000% humidity, but wine is already extra calories, do you really need all that extra sugar?

  • Children in at wineries and vineyards especially during a pandemic.  It’s sad that this is still an issue.  This is our #2 grievance (behind COVID) if we had to rank them.  Children can’t drink.  Don’t bring them with you to a winery.  Wining is an adult thing and many of us wish to adult in peace and quiet.  But, please bring your well behaved dogs and cats.  We love pets!

  • Parties of 6 or more in tasting rooms who have not called ahead especially during a pandemic.  This is annoying for tasting room staff and other customers.  If you’re in a group, be courteous!  Call ahead!  And given, the pandemic, it’s not wise to be gathering in big groups anyway.  Save those for later in 2021 or 2022.

  • Farm to fork restaurants who don’t have local wine on their lists.  This is probably #3 on our grievance list right after the kids at wineries.  Don’t call yourself a farm to fork locavore restaurant if you don’t have local wine on this list.  There’s just no excuse!  And make those wines available for pick up for those who don’t want to eat inside a restaurant right now.

So, that’s our list for this year.  And keeping with this theme, leave us your comments of what’s your grievances are.  Just avoid personal attacks.

Cheers and Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

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