Unofficial Wine Holiday List

Wine and holidays go hand and hand.  Whether is having wine to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s OR celebrating wine itself, it’s important to celebrate with gusto!  Below are is our unofficial list of wine holidays that we’ve taken from various sources.  Use this as your guide for what to drink and when!  Also, be sure to join the conversation on social media by tagging the official wine holiday pages/account.  Don’t forget those hashtags too!  They’re even more important!

Month Day Holiday Facebook Twitter Instagram Hashtag
February 18 National Drink Wine Day @drinkwineday @drinkwineday #DrinkWineDay
Last Saturday Open That Bottle Night @OpenThatBottleNight @OpenThatBtl #OTBN
March 3 National Mulled Wine Day #MulledWineDay
April 17 Malbec World Day @celebratemalbecworldday @MalbecWorldDay @MalbecWorldDay #MalbecWorldDay
24 International Sauvignon Blanc Day #SauvBlancDay
May 9 National Moscato Day #MoscatoDay
25 National Wine Day @wineday @wineday @nationalwineday #NationalWineDay
Thursday before Memorial Day International Chardonnay Day @ChardonnayDay @Chardonnay_day @Chardonnay_day #ChardDay
June Second Saturday National Rosé Day @nationalroseday @nationalroseday #NationalRoséDay
August 1 National Albariño Day #AlbariñoDay
First Saturday Mead Day #MeadDay
14 International Rosé Day #RoséDay
18 Pinot Noir Day #PinotNoir
August / September Thursday before
Labor Day
International Cabernet Day #CabernetDay
September All Month NC Wine Month @ncwines @ncwines @ncwines #NCWineMonth
International Grenache Day @GrenacheDay @grenacheday @grenacheday #GrenacheDay
October Second
Drink Local Wine Week @DrinkLocalWine @DrinkLocalWine #DrinkLocal
November 7 International Merlot Day #MerlotDay
Second Thursday International Tempranillo Day @TempranilloDay #TempranilloDay
Third Wednesday Zinfandel Day #ZinDay
Third Thursday Beaujolais Nouveau Day @BeaujolaisNow #BeaujolaisNouveau
24 Carménère Day @CarmenereDay #CarmenereDay
December 4 Cabernet Franc Day @CABFRANCDAY #CabFrancDay
5 Prohibition Repeal Day @RepealDay &
@RepealDay #RepealDay
20 National Sangria Day #SangriaDay
31 Champagne or other Sparkling Wine Day #SparklingWineDay



In addition to the holidays above don’t forget these weekly celebrations:

  • #WineWednesday – This is a weekly celebration of wine on social media.  It often trends, so it’s a great way to join a larger social media conversation.
  • #SundayFunday – This is another weekly celebration of fun things to do on a Sunday.  It also treads on social media.

And ALWAYS remember to use #NCWine (NOT #ncwines) when talking about North Carolina Wine on social media!  #NCWine has a larger post volume and is more recognizable!  Finally, #DrinkLocal is also another great national hashtag to use.  Happy drinking and posting!  Cheers!

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