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Sunday Adventures #5

Sundays are wine adventure days for us. We typically invite a few friends to join us as we expand their horizons of the NC wine scene. Although we did invite a friend, we didn’t get a confirmation. So instead of letting a Sunday go to waste, we continued on ourselves. 

It had been a few weeks since we had any good BBQ, so we made our way to Lexington, NC. Being a Sunday, our choices were limited. Most BBQ restaurants are closed on Sunday, but there are a few that are open. We ended up at Smiley’s BBQ which was quite tasty. We had the chopped plate with red slaw and hush puppies. Always a good choice.

After getting our fill on some tasty BBQ, we examined our options for wineries. It was a bit later in the day, so we had to make our decision quickly. In the Lexington area, there are four wineries that make up the Southern Gateway Wine Trail. With the remaining time in the day, we decided to head off to Junius Lindsay Vineyards.

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We had previously done a write-up of Junius Lindsay Vineyards as a featured winery, so this post will focus more on the wines we tasted this trip.

On this trip, we were able to sample all of the wines but one. Keeping on the dry side, the wines at Junius Lindsay are in the Rhone Valley style.  To start, we sampled three white wines; Viognier, Roussanne, and the Second Leaf. Of these, the most unique was the Roussanne. A common French varietal, this wine is full-bodied with rich and creamy fruit flavors and a nice acid balance.

After the whites, we transitioned to the reds. Before making the full leap, we stopped at the Special Delivery rosé. This stone-washed pink wine is made from 100% Grenache. A fruit forward rosé, this wine shows a great balance of strawberries and plums, yet maintains its steely characteristics with a nice and crisp finish.

The red wines keep with the Rhone Valley tradition. Syrah and Petite Sirah are the primary red wines. The Triomphe, a blend of the two grapes with a splash of Roussanne creates a medium-body wine that is complex yet easy to approach. There is a slight spice to the mid-palate, but the flavors are delicate and fanciful.

After finishing up with the two dessert wines, we saw there was a little more time left in the day. We decided to open a bottle of the Special Delivery and relax in the open-air tasting room. While we were enjoying our wine, we were visited by the two winery dogs at Junius Lindsay; Bacchus and Lindsay. Both enjoy greeting visitors at the winery and laying out under in the grass, soaking up the sun. A perfect wine to end a perfect afternoon. BBQ and wine are two things that definitely make a great pair.
For more information on Junius Lindsay, see our previous Featured Winery post.

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