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Junius Lindsay Vineyard

Set in the middle of their vineyard is the tasting room for Junius Lindsay.  The open air tasting room allows visitors to feel like they really are out in the vineyard enjoying a glass of wine.  One of the main perks of this tasting room is that there is often a nice breeze that will come across the grapes and will fill the area with the subtle sweet smell of ripening fruit.

Michael Zimmerman is the proprietor of the vineyard.  His estate wines are made in the Northern Rhône style meaning they are full of vibrant flavors and have a certain complexity to them that make for an enjoyable wine.  The nine acres under vine allow for Michael to run a smaller scale vineyard and really focus on the quality of his wines over the mass quantities some larger wineries produce.

Here are a few of our top pick wines from Junius Lindsay:

Second Leaf – This Viognier-Roussane blend lends itself to a more full-bodied white.  The delicate apricot and honeysuckle flavors are nicely delivered by a mid-palate that is full of melons and round richness.  This wine goes well with most seafoods (we prefer to serve it with something grilled).

Petite Sirah – Perhaps our favorite wine here, the current vintage Petit Sirah is a bit lighter than the previous years.  The light raspberry nose is well matched to the plum and spice flavors on the first few sips.  The lingering mineral finish is pleasant and leaves you wanting more.  To sum it up this velvety, smooth wine is just plain tasty.

Triomphe – This blend is typically Syrah and Petite Sirah.  It invokes flavors of ripe figs, juicy plums, and subtle yet firm tannins.  In current vintages, the fruit notes are amplified.  In older library vintages, the fruits evolve into more complex earthy notes with a delicate herbaceous flair. 

Metro Red – Another blend of Syrah and Petite Sirah much like the Triomphe, however it is distinctly different.  The flavors within teeter on the border of sweet chocolate and pepper spice.  A small touch of residual sugar means this wine can be enjoyed at room temperature, or if it’s a warm day slightly chilled.

Special Delivery Rosé – The rosé is one of the most elusive wines at Junius Lindsay.  It comes and goes so quickly that if you don’t time your visit properly, you might not get this one.  The delicate floral-berry nose makes way for the slight strawberry flavors on the palate.  The subtle chalky mineral finish is clean and the refreshing acids make this wine delicious with anything grilled or simply on its own.

Be sure to visit their website at for more information about hours and contact information.

Junius Lindsay is located in Lexington, NC

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