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NC Wine Month Week 3 Recap

Another week has come and gone.  We’re almost to the end of September and soon October will be upon us.  Week 3 brought with it slightly cooler weather, so we had a few more reds  but still made room for some excellent white wines.  Here’s our list for the week.  Don’t forget, you can also follow our progress on the NC Wine Month 2015 Challenge page.

9/15: 2013 Vineyard-Brothers Satisfied from Silk Hope Winery – This incredibly bold and dark red had a lot of great dried fruit flavors.  A blend of Norton and Chambourcin, it’s truly unique.  If you’re a Zinfandel fan, you’ll need to try this wine.

9/16: 2011 Cabernet Franc from South Creek Vineyards – Another big and bold red, the 2011 Cabernet Franc had a soft and velvety feel, yet still made a bold statement.  The flavors were of macerated strawberries, vanilla and spice.

9/17: 2014 Vivace from Adagio Vineyards – An alternative white wine for the fall.  This Traminette has a splash of Chardonnay and Muscat to help balance the flavors.  It was nice and floral with hints of cream.

9/18: 2013 Special Delivery Rose from Junius Lindsay Vineyards – This Grenache rose was a welcoming way to kick off our weekend.  Strawberries through and through with an almost buttery finish, this wine will pair with most anything.

9/19: 2014 Soft White from Elkin Creek Vineyard – This grapey white wine was a great refresher for a warmer day.  Made from the Niagara grape, it had a great balance of fruits and acid.

9/20: Traminette from Misty Creek Vineyards – Fall is the perfect time for Traminette.  The green apple flavors yielded to honey and a nice spiced finish.

9/21: 2012 Mourvèdre from Hanover Park Vineyard – An elegant red wine that pairs well with lamb and other meats, the Mourvèdre is an outstanding wine with an earthy profile.  Dried red currants and mild tannins let this wine dance around on the palate before fading out.

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