Hanover Park Mourvèdre — Wine Review

Tonight’s wine comes from a winery that we’ve already reviewed, but we wanted to review another wine from them as our last one was more of a dessert wine.  For dinner we had grilled lamb meat balls, which is what we normally have when we are opening a bottle of Hanover Park Mourvèdre.  It is also known as Monastrell and is usually a darker wine with heavy tannins and an earthy complex profile.  The wine is common in France, however it is often found in red blends of both French and Spanish origin, usually blended with Grenache and Syrah.

The Hanover Park Mourvèdre, like their other wines, are produced in the Rhône style and has a bit of Syrah blended with it.  The resulting wine is earthy and complex, without having all the heavy tannins.  In the glass the wine is deep red and vibrant.  Taking the first sniff is light and complex with subtle cedar notes.  The boxy aroma gently fades into light spices and cinnamon.  There are also hints of cherry and dark fruits.

On the first sip, the wine exhibits a bright acidic note.  The acids slip into a tart cherry sensation with a bit of earthy complexity.  The finish is dark and bold with a delightful oak body.  We like to pair this wine with lamb as the dark tones of the wine go nicely with the rich flavors of the lamb.  On its own, the wine holds up nicely which is good news if you don’t like lamb.  However, we would highly recommend trying the lamb and Mourvèdre combination (in fact, it is a suggested pairing on Hanover Park’s website).  In short, it’s definitely worth picking up a bottle or two and sampling it for yourself.

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