Celebrating NC Wine and Grape Month!

2021 Update – North Carolina Wine Month is now celebrated in May while North Carolina Grape Month is celebrated in August.  There’s now two months to celebrate!

September is North Carolina Wine and Grape month! It was proclaimed by Gov. McCrory to celebrate the wine and grape industry’s contributions to our state. With a $1.7 Billion economic impact, 525 grape growers and 180 wineries, this industry is vital to our state. It deserves to be celebrated!


So, how do you take part? We’re glad you asked! Here are a few of our ideas!

  • Visit a local winery. Go for a tasting or an afternoon picnic or both! Visit ncwine.org to plan your trip!
  • Buy local wine! Either at a local store or better yet, from the winery itself!
  • Drink local wine! Celebrate with your favorite bottle of North Carolina wine. Dry, sweet, red, white or rosé, there’s something for everyone out there!
  • Ask for local wine at restaurants and wine bars. It’s NC Wine Month! Encourage restaurants to do their part.
  • Encourage your friends and family to join in. There are plenty of folks leaving in NC who have know idea that we’re 10th in wine production in the country!
  • Talk about NC Wine on social media! Be sure to use the hashtags #NCWine and #NCWineMonth! Let’s get them trending!
  • Take a picture of what NC Wine you’re drinking! Share with us on Social Media! We’ll do our best to retweet or repost! Don’t forget the #NCWine and #NCWineMonth hashtags!
  • Follow us! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just search for @NCWineGuys. We’ll give you tips on where to go and what to drink!
  • Follow the official North Carolina Wine accounts on social media! Find them at “North Carolina Wine” on Facebook and @ncwines on Twitter and Instagram!
  • Join us for #winechat on Twitter. We’re going to be talking all about #NCWine and #NCWineMonth on #winechat on Twitter. Our session is scheduled for September 28th at 9pm ET. Just follow the #winechat hashtag to join the conversation! Let’s get #winechat and #NCWine trending!
  • Help with harvest! Many local vineyards will be harvesting in September. Most of them harvest by hand with the help of volunteers. Go volunteer!

Let us know if you have other ideas!  Cheers!

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