Stony Knoll Viognier — Wine Review

Arrrgh, it is Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Although we should have celebrated with rum, we wanted to keep our NC Wine streak going.  This evening we decided to keep it in the Yadkin Valley and went for the Stony Knoll Viognier from Stony Knoll Vineyards.  This light white wine was a welcome addition to our grilled shrimp dinner.

We have posted about Viognier before, so you know that it’s not the most widely known grape.  Some might think that it’s hard to tell the difference from one Viognier to the next.  That notion is simply not true.  Viogniers on the lighter end of the spectrum tend to favor a more steely and acidic profile.  The opposite end of this is a robust and heavy Viognier that is big on the tropical notes and has a creamy mouth-feel.   The Stony Knoll Viognier leans more toward the lighter style of the spectrum.

In the glass, the wine is very light and remarkably clear.  The color is very pale shade of yellow, nearly the color of freshly harvested straw.  The nose is light and reflects some of the grassy qualities of a Sauvignon Blanc.  There is a light hint of citrus in there as well.  The bright flavors that are present upfront are vibrant carrying through the citrus notes.  This wine is truly light in body and doesn’t last long on the palate.  The wine ends on a crisp note with a clean and soft mineral finish.

It would be fantastic to have this wine paired our previously reviewed Viognier.  On one end you have a crisp and bright Viognier that is clean with lovely citrus notes.  Then you move into the heavier Viognier that is full-bodied displaying tropical notes and a soft lingering finish.  This only goes to show you that Viognier is incredibly versatile and can offer many possibilities all with one grape.

See for yourself and head over to Stony Knoll Vineyards in Dobson, NC.

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