Olde Mill Silver Pines — Wine Review

We’re half way through the month; 15 days down, 15 more to go! To celebrate our half way marker (and to go with dinner) we opened up a bottle of the Olde Mill Silver Pines white wine.  This white wine is mostly a Pinot Gris, so we decided to pair it with a stuffed pork chop and roasted potatoes.  The flavors balanced nicely off each other and made for a nice light meal.

As we poured the wine in the decanter, the deep golden color splashed around and took in some air.  There are notes of lychee, pears and candied pineapple.  Fresh pineapple carries through to the first burst of flavor.  The tropical notes linger for a bit and slowly fade into a pleasantly light acidic finish.  Toward the end, there are traces of Meyer lemons and light citrus fruits.

This delightful white wine paired perfectly with the stuffed pork chops.  You could also pair it with a hearty grilled fish (much like a swordfish or wah-hoo) or even a roasted chicken.  This wine, neither delicate nor overly dramatic is really a great wine to pair with most meals (a Hawaiian pizza would be fantastic).

Sadly, Olde Mill has closed its doors.  We wish them the best in their future endeavors and hope that one day the wine bug will get fired up again.

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Posted by Matt Kemberling

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