New Brews Defeat Winter Blues at D9 Brewing

A few weeks ago, D9 Brewing in Cornelius released a new line up of beers to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The new lineup has been long in the making. A few months of plumbing issues kept the brewmasters from running at peak efficiency. Yet still, the beer was flowing as fast as the customers could drink.   On our visit we decided since there was so many new options, we had to get a flight. 

Four amazing beers from D9 Brewing.

Twelve: For those familiar with D9’s standard lineup, the Experiment #12 is a close cousin to this beer. This pale ale has great character, a slight hint of hops, and a nice smooth consistency when you sip it. 

Hakuna Matata: This New Zealand style IPA is right on. Although this is one of their standards, this batch of Hakuna came off the line after they had fixed the plumbing issues. This one is pleasantly hoppy with notes of lemon and coriander. 

Bonus tasting: One of the owners just happened to be at the brewery while we were there. He poured us a sample of the Hakuna right out of the bright tank. The flavors were so much more robust and rich. We’re looking forward to seeing how this one plays out. 

Red Light: A Belgian Amber that is a cut above the rest. It’s smooth, full of flavors and slightly creamy. The slight red color really played into the Valentine theme. This small batch brew offers so much in such a small glass. Get it before it’s gone. 

Tainted Love: Another small batch brew, this dark sour was out of this world. The moment it touches your tongue, you immediately get coffee and dark toast, but then it goes into a well-rounded sour that leaves you wanting more. 

Witless: Just barely pictured here in the top right is the famous Witless. This Wit-style beer is the real deal. At 14% ABV, this is a beer that demands a bit of respect. The subtle peach flavors make way to a slightly sour finish which makes this truly unique. 

Not pictured but still delicious

Black Ice: An Imperial Black Ale that is dark, rich, and warms the spirits in these cold months. Act quickly as this is running out fast!

Iocane: A lighter sour that has hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Battle Hymn: Another year-round standard, the Black IPA is a force to be reckoned with. The toasty flavors are nicely balanced with a slightly hoppy finish. 

D9 Brewing Company is located at

11138-C Treynorth Drive in Cornelius, NC 28031

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