NC Wine Month 2015 Listing

It’s a wrap!  North Carolina Wine and Grape Month is now over!  We had a great month filled with NC wine.  Here’s the list of what we had:

North Carolina Wine and Grape Month

  • 9/1: Grüner Veltliner from Burntshirt Vineyards
  • 9/2: Raylen Tasting @ Crafty Beer Guys
  • 9/3: Cabernet Franc from Silver Fork Vineyards & Winery
  • 9/4: Selfish from Lazy Elm Winery
  • 9/5: Pinot Grigio from Mountain Brook Vineyards
  • 9/6: Nebbiolo from Grove Winery & Visit to Morgan Ridge Vineyards
  • 9/7: Warrior Red from Cellar 4201
  • 9/8: Sauvignon Blanc from Iron Gate Vineyards
  • 9/9: Chardonnay from Laurel Gray Vineyards
  • 9/10: Petit Verdot from Shelton Vineyards
  • 9/11: Cabernet Sauvignon from Parker-Binns Vineyards
  • 9/12: Blanc de Blancs from McRitchie Winery, Dry Riesling from Dobbins Creek Vineyards, Chambourcin from Misty Creek Vineyards, Barbera from Brandon Hills Vineyard, Apple Tipper from Fair Game Beverage Company
  • 9/13: Petit Manseng from Jones. Von Drehle
  • 9/14: Girasole from Raffaldini Vineyards
  • 9/15: Vineyard Brothers-Satisfied from Silk Hope Winery
  • 9/16: Cabernet Franc from South Creek Vineyards
  • 9/17: Vivace from Adagio Vineyards
  • 9/18: Special Delivery from Junius Lindsay Vineyards
  • 9/19: Soft White from Elkin Creek Vineyards
  • 9/20: Traminette from Misty Creek Vineyards
  • 9/21: Mourvèdre from Hanover Park Vineyard
  • 9/22: Sangiovese from Childress Vineyards
  • 9/23: Grey Ghost from JOLO Winery and Vinayards
  • 9/24: Barrel X from Stonefield Cellars Winery
  • 9/25: Centennial Farm Heritage from Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards
  • 9/26: Traminette Divine from Divine Llama Vineyards
  • 9/27: Taste of Our Carolina Foothills featuring Overmountain Vineyards, Mountain Brook Vineyards, Parker-Binns Vineyards, and Russian Chapel Hills Winery
  • 9/28: Shipwreck from Sanctuary Vineyards
  • 9/29: Tannat from Hererra Vineyards
  • 9/30: Red Bud Ridge from Brushy Mountain Winery


Posted by Matt Kemberling

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