Medaloni Cellars — Winery Review

Medaloni Cellars is a small winery on Shallowford Rd in Lewisville, NC.  The winery is just outside of Winston-Salem and makes for a nice detour when you’re on the road.  Medaloni has around 22 acres of land which is positioned on a very hilly plot, perfect for growing grapes.  The wine trail offers visitors a chance to walk around the property and takes you through the vineyard and past some of the cabins they offer for rent.  The business concept at Medaloni is simple, offer great quality wine in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The 2nd Annual Crush Party at Medaloni Cellars took place on Sunday as a way for the winery to celebrate the harvest and entertain friends.  We arrived around 1:30 right when the live band was starting up.  We were initially greeted by Joey, the owner, and made our way up the path to the main tasting room.  We were lucky enough to secure a place in the shade in their distinctive Adirondack chairs, many of which come with a built-in wine glass holder (perfect for the sloped setting).  We purchased a few bottles of wine to split among our group and sat down to watch the people steadily flow in.

The tasting room, as well as the cabins and other outbuildings are very rustic feeling with a modern twist.  The pine finish really stands out when you are approaching and offers a nice woodsy feel to the winery.  The inside is very sleek, with a stained concrete floor and a long banquet table hewn from what looked to be a massive tree. The bench style seating inside adds to the family style feel of the winery.  Outside on the patio, you’ll find more Adirondack chairs as well as large shade umbrellas, perfect for the fall sun.

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The event was quite enjoyable.  The two food trucks offered much-needed food items to a hungry crowd.  The live music was pleasing and provided great entertainment for all.  Among the wines we had while there were the Angel Oak Chardonnay (a lightly oaked, non-buttery Chardonnay), the Viognier (full of lush tropical notes), and the Dry Riesling (still slightly sweet, but with pleasant acids on the front).  Their selections of wine include many grapes grown right in the Yadkin Valley as well as some grapes that they buy from purveyors across the country.  Medaloni offers a great place to relax and unwind without making you feel like you’re being rushed or in the way.  It’s definitely worth a visit and we’re excited to see what the future brings them.

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