Laurel Gray Cabernet Franc — Wine Review

It’s cold and raining again today!  That means we get to open a bottle of red wine and enjoy a nice warming dinner.  Tonight we decided on the award-winning Laurel Gray Cabernet Franc from Laurel Gray Vineyards.  This wine received double gold at the NC State Wine Competition and a bronze at the INDY International Wine Competition.

This hearty red was the exact thing we needed to bring some warmth.  The color is ruby-red, almost scarlet in appearance and unobscured throughout.  The light nose has hints of spice and delicate dark aromas.  The flavors are bold and robust, standing in contrast to the nose.  The initial burst of flavor is full of plums and dark cherries, rounding out into a soft peppery mid-palate.  The finish is clean and quick, leaving the mouth pleasant and slightly warm.

Laurel Gray specializes in producing French style wines in an area where sweet is well-known.  They offer roughly a dozen wines up for tasting and for purchase.  In addition to their wines, Laurel Gray also produces a variety of sauces and marinades made from their wine.  All of their products are available in their tasting room, online and at several retail locations across North Carolina. To celebrate NC wine month, Laurel Gray is offering 20% off select bottles of wine. There’s still time to take advantage of this offer, so act quickly!

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Posted by Matt Kemberling

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