Jones von Drehle Petit Manseng — Wine Review

Tonight’s wine caused us a bit of a problem.  We weren’t sure which glass we should use to fully enjoy this unique wine.  I would hesitate to say we are glass “snobs”, but we definitely know that the glass has a major impact on the wine.  We ended up going through three different options before finally settling on the fourth (it ended up being the Syrah glass).  If you don’t have a Syrah, you shouldn’t worry.  The Jones von Drehle Petit Manseng is one wine that will not disappoint, regardless of the glass you use.  

Deciding which glass would be best for the Jones Von Drehle Petit Manseng

An assortment of white wine glasses.

The Petit Manseng grape produces a unique white wine.  It is thick skinned and is often used in late harvest “ice wines” as they can easily stand up to the longer vine time.  This particular wine was fermented completely dry and has a fantastic bright character.  The color is a medium yellow but bright and clear.  The bountiful nose is filled with rich fleshy fruits and a hint of nectarine.  The initial flavors resemble the nose, but then melt into a subtle honey kissed with a citrus lemon finish.

If you don’t like white wines, you need to try this wine.  It could completely change your mind on white wine.  It’s not like a heavy Chardonnay that drinks like a red.  This is truly a white wine from beginning to end.  What it does offer is an experience like none other.  The Jones von Drehle Petit Manseng is available on their online store.  Visit their site to see if they can ship to your state.

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