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Before I knew about artisan mead, my mind always imagined a dark sweet drink that people in the middle ages drank in their local pub or in a grand hall.  This may well be what many people think of when you mention mead.  However, mead is making a come back.  Nowadays mead can range from super sweet to bone dry with flavors galore.  In our modern world of gluten-sensative diets, mead provides a great alternative to beer.  For those who enjoy wine, mead is essentially a wine of a different flavor.  We’re fortunate in North Carolina as we have several meaderies throughout the state.  One of the newest is Honeygirl Meadery in Durham, North Carolina.

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Honeygirl Meadery opened in October 2014.  Diane Currier, owner and mead-maker has been making mead for years before that.  Her interest in mead began when she was visiting her sister in Alaska.  While there she tried a mead made with honey from the fireweed flower.  One taste and she was hooked!  She began mead making at home and in 2012, she entered the NC State fair where she took home a second place ribbon.

Diane’s philosophy is simple, drink the field and let the honey show through for itself.  She tries to source her honey as locally as possible with a good number of sources right in North Carolina.  She focuses on creating meads with seasonally available ingredients, ensuring she has the freshest and most delicious flavors.

On our recent visit, there were three meads available for tasting:

Fig Orange Mead: When we first heard Diane would be making a mead using hyper-local figs (from Durham!), we knew that a trip would need to be planned in time to grab a bottle.  This mead was smooth with a hint of figs starting in the middle and lasting through the finish.  It was slightly sweet, though still quite dry and had a slightly tingly feel when you first sip on it.

Hibiscus Lemon Thyme: This herbal mead was light and crisp.  The herbal nose lead into the first sip, giving way to the lemon before fading to a thymey ending.  This mead was mellow and warming and would be perfect to just sit and sip on all day.

Blueberry Mead: The blueberry mead was slightly sweeter than the other two.  The blueberry notes are very predominant with a lingering berry finish.  With typical blueberry wines, you’ll find them either tart or super sweet.  This mead is so unlike other blueberry drinks.  It is mildly sweet with a smooth blueberry flavor throughout.

Meads in the making

We were fortunate enough to get a sample of some meads that are in the works.  First we tried the new Vanilla Mead made by infusing whole vanilla pods.  It was smooth and silky with a toasty vanilla flavor.  Next was the Orange Blossom Mead which had a light hint of oranges and a delicate citrus flavor.  We also were able to try the Apple Cyser which was made in the scrumpy style.  It was full of apple flavors yet still retained the herbal honey base.  Finally, we tried the experimental Bochet mead.  A Bochet style mead is made from honey that has been caramelized before it was fermented.  The deep toasty flavors are smooth and nutty with an even sweetness that was very approachable.

We’re very excited with everything that Honeygirl Meadery is doing.  Diane’s passion for the craft is apparent in the meads she produces.  If you’re in the Raleigh/Durham area, stop by the tasting room and taste a bit of North Carolina.

Honeygirl Meadery is located at 105 Hood Street in Durham, North Carolina:

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Photo credits: Diane Currier copyright Honeygirl Meadery

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We love what Diane is doing over at Honeygirl Meadery! Great meads full of fruit – perfect, especially for drier mead drinkers! Can’t wish her enough success!

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