A spread of vintage library wines for giveaways.

Holiday Dinner at Hanover Park

Another weekend, another wine dinner.  This time we had the pleasure of attending the annual holiday dinner at Hanover Park Vineyard.  Each December, Hanover Park throws a holiday celebration for its wine club members as a thank you for their loyalty and for always being there to support the winery.

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Compared to our last dinner, this one was markedly different.  The atmosphere at Hanover Park is laid back and one of casual conversation.  The most noticeable difference is the number of people in attendance.  Over the years, Hanover Park has grown quite a wine club.  This year, there were about 120 guests in attendance.  A delectable arrangement of cheeses, spreads, salami, and crackers greeted hungry guests.

After noshing for a bit and checking in, guests grabbed a glass (or bottle) of wine, and then headed to a table.  The tables were set up banquet style with open seating.  Some couples have “regular” seats, while others filled in wherever space allowed.  This arrangement promotes friendly conversation between old aquantances catching up as well as new friends who were meeting for the first time.  In such a crowd, there’s ample opportunity to make new friends and enjoy in some unforgettable conversation.

The meal was served in courses with the salads placed on the tables before we were seated.  As we enjoyed the salad, Amy and Michael Helton addressed the group.   They gave thanks to those in attendance and acknowledged those who have helped throughout the years.  The main course followed and we all enjoyed ourselves, talking all the time of food, wine, and other topics that happened to come up.  During the meal, a sneak peek of the new 2010 vintage of 1897 was poured and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Before heading into dessert, Amy and Michael addressed the group once again.  This time, they were preparing to give away a few bottles of Hanover Park wines that they pulled from their own private library.  9 lucky winners were selected this year with bottles including a 2001 Cabernet Franc, a 2001 Michael’s Blend, a 2002 Mournèdre and a 2002 Chambourcin, just to name a few.

As always, the evening was a blast.  The food and wine were both delicious and the company was enjoyable.  If anyone ever needs a great example of why you should join a wine club, this is one to mention.  Amy and Michael greet everyone as family and always throw an excellent party.  We’re looking forward to the next holiday party and look forward to meeting new fiends along the way!


Read on for our tasting notes for the evening.



the menu

Assorted cheeses, spreads, and charcuterie

Leafs of Romaine topped with tomato, feta, and cucumber

Winter beef stew with white beans and potatoes

Bread pudding with butter bourbon sauce


the wine

2010 Michael’s Blend – A delicate nose of leather, vanilla, and cherries showed through.  The smooth and dark flavors were earthy and gentle.  A mild tannin mid-palate provided a nice structure leading into a dry finish that lingered for a while.

2012 Mourvèdre – This wine showed an earthy aroma with a slightly gamy undertone.  The soft body was quite gentle with an almost saline quality to it.  Red fruits and cassis were plentiful in the middle of the wine which faded into a gentle finish.

2010 1897 – A classic nose of black cherries and dried fruits filled the glass. A delicate floral undertone of violets turned into a stewed berry note.  The flavors were full and robust with a slight sweet toffee mid-palate.  Caramelized sugar lingered on the tongue before fading out to a pleasant finish.



For more information about Hanover Park, including details about joining their wine club, please visit their website at http://hanoverparkwines.com.

Hanover Park Vineyards is located at 1927 Courtney-Huntsville Rd in Yadkinville, NC

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