Divine Llama Traminette Divine — Wine Review

After visiting two wineries this afternoon, we decided it was time to move on from crackers and settle on an actual dinner to enjoy some North Carolina wine.  We made our way home from the south-east part of the Yadkin Valley so we could fix up some sweet potato gnocchi and grilled salmon.  The wine we selected for the evening was the 2010 Traminette Divine from Divine Llama.

Traminette, a hybrid from Gewürztraminer,  is an up and coming grape.  It offers a floral and perfumed nose with an often semi-sweet flavor and a subtle spice.  Divine Llama takes this grape a step further and actually finishes the wine in an oak barrel.  The oak imparts a rich vanilla note to the floral bouquet and truly makes this Traminette Divine.  The spicy notes of the Traminette are also very clear in the nose.  The first flavor impressions are complex and aromatic with hints of potpourri and fresh floral arrangements.  The mid-palate is slightly spicy then it fades into a lightly acidic finish.

Divine Llama is  definitely taking an interesting approach on this wine, which makes it unique and enjoyable.   The wine paired nicely with the sweet potato gnocchi and grilled salmon.  Since this Traminette was finished in oak, the extra years really help to add to the complexity of the wine.  We recommend consuming Traminette within two years of bottling, however this wine is holding up nicely and could easily go for another two years.

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Posted by Matt Kemberling

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