Childress Malbec – Open That Bottle Night 2016

Tonight we’re taking part in our first Open That Bottle Night.  The annual event is dedicated to the old and dusty bottles that happen to stick around after all of these years.  The bottle we chose for tonight is the 2008 Childress Malbec from Childress Vineyards

2008 Childress Malbec

A bottle of the Barrel Select 2008 Malbec from Childress Vineyards

This luscious wine is bold, yet maintains a soft profile.  The nose is offers a wide range of aromas, keeping mainly to stewed cherries and allspice.  There is a subtle floral note however, that comes around in the background hinting toward violets or geraniums.  The flavor profile is soft and silky and is pleasantly complex.  It comes across as being mostly earthy, yet there are some dried fruit flavors tucked away in the mid-palate.  A gentle finish shows a bit of vanilla and cherries before fading away slowly.

We actually discovered this bottle while we were in their tasting room.  They often have library wines for sale in the tasting room and we noticed the 2008 Childress Malbec sitting right on the shelf, calling our name.  We couldn’t pass it up and we’re glade we didn’t!  This is one tasty wine!

Head over to the winery and see what library wines they have to offer.  Childress Vineyards is located in Lexington, NC.

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Posted by Matt Kemberling

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