Carolina Heritage Blueberry Wine — Wine Review

Ten more days left in our September wine month challenge!  Today we took a slightly different approach to our wine.  Usually we pair our wines with dinner and go from there.  However, we will be eating out this evening to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we were unsure if the restaurant offers North Carolina Wines.  To make sure we have our wine of the day covered, we decided to have a small glass of the Carolina Heritage Blueberry Wine from Carolina Heritage Vineyards to help pass the afternoon.  

Carolina Heritage is a small vineyard in the Yadkin Valley growing primarily American and Hybrid grapes.  Since these grapes are more disease resistant, it allows them to take a natural approach to growing their grapes.  The wines are labeled as organic and aren’t chemically treated.  In addition to grapes, they also grow blueberries.  Often when you think of blueberry wine, you might think of it as a sweet dessert wine that is thick and syrupy.  Carolina Heritage takes a different approach to their blueberry wine.  The wine is made 100% from blueberries that they pick, crush and ferment into a delicious wine.

The color of the wine is very much reflective of the blueberry juice that it’s made from.  It’s almost purple but almost red and crystal clear.  The nose is light with hints of wood and berries laced throughout.  The initial flavors are slightly tart (ever so slightly in fact) and then it develops into a sweet blueberry flavor.  The finish is much like a blueberry pie, lingering with berry for a bit and then developing into a jammy undertones.  Perhaps the best way to describe this wine is “blueberry”.  It may seem obvious, but this wine is true to the fruit, not too sweet and not too tart, and just delightful. Pick up a bottle of the Carolina Heritage Blueberry Wine for yourself and you’ll be hooked!

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