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A Look Back at 2015

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of 2015.  Looking back at the past year, we’ve accomplished quite a bit and drank quite a lot of NC wine — 2015 was pretty big for the NC Wine Guys.  As we close out the year, we take a look back at some of the highlights of the year.

Shortly after 2015 began, we kicked off our first “regular” blog series.  We use the term “regular” loosely, as there were only 5 posts.  That being said, they were spread over the late spring and lasted into the summer.

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Just after our last Sunday Adventure post, we were gearing up for NC Wine and Grape Month.  We covered the daily postings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (new this year, too!), and did a weekly recap here on the blog:

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Speaking of NC Wine and Grape Month, one of the most exciting things we did during September was co-host a Twitter chat evening for #WineChat.  We had over 600 tweets in just the hour asking about NC Wines and what we have to offer.  Head over to Twitter to read up on the discussion: #ncwine #winechat

Looking back, September was great for another reason.  The newest craft beverage magazine in NC called Gravity Magazine reached out to us to write for them.  Gravity focuses on the craft beverage scene in the Charlotte area.  Since we love all things local and all things craft, we gladly accepted the opportunity to reach a larger audience explore the wide world of NC Wines.  Check out their website or look for a copy of their magazine at local shops across Charlotte and the surrounding area.  (There’s also a subscription option, too!)

The rest of the fall was just as exciting.  The NC Wine Guys got married on 10/17 at Silver Fork Winery and it was an event to remember.

And, we also met our counterparts, The Wine Mouths:

Before we knew it, winter was upon us (a balmy one at that), and here we sit.  It’s New Year’s eve and we’ve come a long way.  2016 is just around the corner and with it comes a whole new adventure for us.  In addition to our regular Featured section, we are also going to kick off a new series called “Our Month in Wine”.  The intent is to give a recap of our month of NC wine and highlight some of the wines that stand out each month.  We also have a podcast in the works, and we’re looking for a summer release.

One thing is certain, if 2016 is as exciting as 2015 was, we’re sure in for a great ride.  Here’s to a great year gone by and another soon to come.  Cheers!

Posted by Matt Kemberling

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