2005 Hutton Cabernet Franc — Wine Review

This evening we decided to open another red to enjoy with dinner.  We decided to go back to the Cab Franc, this time we selected the 2005 Hutton Vineyards Cabernet Franc. This is one of their first releases as they first planted grapes in 2002.  The time in the bottle has allowed the wine to develop into a smooth and velvety wine, full of character and charm while keeping a mild profile.

For being 9 years old, this wine is still holding on strong.  The color is a deep red and you can barely see through the glass.  Our bottle had a small bit of sediment in it, so either stand the bottle up for an hour before pouring or you can decant it and serve it slowly.  The delicate aroma is slightly herbaceous with hints of green pepper and a light boxy scent.  It is very pleasing and smells just how a red wine should, clean and delightful.

The first sips are smooth and delicious, leaving you longing for another sip (not too unreasonable).  The flavors are rich in dark berries and cassis.  The fruit forward nature quickly develops into a velvety cedar and subtle green pepper.  The ending notes are lingering, leaving you able to still taste it for nearly a minute after enjoying your last sip.

Hutton is really on to something with their Cabernet Franc selections.  Right now they have at least three different vintages available for purchase in their tasting room (with a few more online).  When you visit for a tasting, you will likely be able to sample a vertical tasting of the Cabernet Franc wines as well as a few of their white wines.  Our preference is the Cabernet Franc; it takes well to aging and each vintage is notably different from the earlier versions.  Regardless of the type of wine you like, a visit to Hutton Vineyards will result you liking at least one (if not all) of the Cabernet Francs they have to offer.

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Posted by Matt Kemberling

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