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We’ve been all over the state, sampling and writing wine reviews from so many great NC Wineries.  Use this page to help discover NC Wine and find out more about what the state is doing.  To help organize the information, it is broken out into different topic areas.


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Yadkin Valley
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Swan Creek
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Explore Wineries & Vineyards
Western North Carolina Wine Trail
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Explore WNC Wineries & Vineyards
East Coast of North America
We like to travel up and down the east coast.  Here are some of the places we’ve been so far.
New York State
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Red Wine
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Our Thoughts on Wine

Aside from reviews, we love to share our thoughts on the state of wine, what it means to us, and some general tips.  Here you'll find op-ed style posts on various topics related to wine.

Our Thoughts on Wine

Reviews from other sources

Blogs and Publications

Gravity Magazine – Charlotte’s own Gravity Magazine is a new publication that is dedicated to the craft beverage scene. In Charlotte that generally means beer, but inside you’ll also find articles on spirits, cider, wine, and more!

Tarheel Taps and Corks – A Raleigh based blog who loves local food, beer, and wine. Lots of research goes into each posting with interviews and commentary from local industry leaders throughout.

The Wine Mouths – Our counterparts in the NC Wine world. Join the Wine Mouths as they drink their way through North Carolina and post must-know info about NC wineries.

NC Beer Guys – The NC Beer Guys are our counterpart in the wide world of NC Beer. Carolina Glenn and Dave travel the state, sampling boat loads of beer while also keeping an up to date list of NC breweries and events.

For industry resources and links to official regional pages, visit our Industry Resources page.

Do you have a wine that you'd like us to review? We would love to!  Head over to our Wine Review and Guides request page for more details.

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