Daveste Vineyards

Daveste Rkatsiteli — Wine Review

To finish up our last wine review of the North Carolina Wine & Grape Month, we decided to finish with one of the oldest grape varietals known to man-kind, Rkatsiteli.  The Daveste Rkatsiteli from Davesté Vineyards, is one of only a handful of vineyards in the US that grow and produce a wine from the grape.  Rkatsiteli is a grape originating from Georgia (the country, not the state) where it is a fairly common grape.  The grape reportedly dates back to 3000 B.C. making it one of the oldest grapes that have been cultivated for wine making purposes.  The pale skinned grape produces a white wine ranging from dry to sweet.  Some European countries even produce Port, Sherry, and dessert style wines from the same grape.  Continue reading →

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