2020 #NCWine Bloggers Virtual Summit Recap

The 2020 #NCWine Bloggers Virtual Summit is now officially over!  Thank you to our attendees, speakers, and sponsors for making this a successful summit.  On this page, you'll find the video recaps of each of the sessions as well as the slides and handouts from each speaker.

For more information on this year's speakers, please check out the 2020: Tell Your Story Speakers page.

Mastering the Media Kit

Neha Shah discusses the importance of having an up to date media kit and and how it can help to benefit your business or blog.


Session 1 - Mastering the Media Kit

Media Kit Handout

Social Media Tips and Trends

Bob Aycock presents the latest tips and trends for posting on social media.


Session 2 - Social Media Tips & Trends

Open Discussion: COVID-19 Impact on the Industry

Attendees discuss the impacts on the industry and how we can prepare ourselves for the colder months.

New School PR

Allison Eckley give us an overview of how we can reimagine Press Releases for use throughout the year and continue to use each release long after it's published.


Session 3 - New School PR

Tell Your Story Project

Jenn Nelson guides us through the project packet, highlighting key topics from each of the sessions and giving us something to work on to actually help us develop new content.


Session 4 - Tell Your Story Project

Project Packet - Vineyards, Wineries & Businesses

Project Packet - Content Creators